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'Faith' Through the Looking Glass
'Faith' Through the Looking Glass
Acrylic spraypaint on canvas
36" x 60"

A recent debate between Bill Nye and the director of the Institute for Creation Research (home of the Scientific Creationist movement) brought into the mainstream the relationship between science and religion. Some argue the two are incompatible while others feel they can be complementary. This painting appropriates imagery from Johannes Vermeer’s “Allegory of the (Catholic) Faith” into a Wonderland-inspired looking glass composition. Faith is distraught at the efforts of the Scientific Creationist movement whose mission is to scientifically prove the acts of creation detailed in Genesis are supported by evidence. Following the Thomastic distinctions between formed faith and unformed faith – the former being salvific and birthed by one’s will to seek out the goodness of God and the latter being non-salvific and driven by one’s intellect to seek out evidence of God – Faith is represented as both formed and unformed. In peering through the looking glass, Vermeer’s Faith sees a topsy-turvy Scientific Creationist world in which she is unformed and, consequently, non-salvific.