• Exhibition in Prague!

    I'm very excited to share that I am co-curating, with Jenufa Kent, an exhibition at Galerie Kritiku in Prague, CZ, this Spring / Summer. My work, along with artworks from 8 other artists will be displayed in an exhibit entitled Transcendence. Below is an abstract for the exhibition:

    Franz Kafka, favorite son of Prague, spent his lifetime dreaming of transcendence by finding comfort through creative works to escape his world of seemingly insurmountable personal, social and political challenges. Even though he is recognized as a seminal author of the 20th century his creative works never provided him the transcendent sanctuary he sought. His struggle has inspired many, however, so it is decidedly apropos that an exhibit celebrating his inspiration be hosted by Galerie Kritiku in his hometown of Prague. The exhibition will offer manifestations of that inspiration as seen in narratives and artworks of a select group of artists who have realized transcendence through their artmaking practices. It will include artwork highlighting personal, social and political challenges faced by the artists – many similar to those faced by Kafka himself, artwork that encompasses a myriad of ways artists have confronted these challenges and presented their transcendent experiences to the world, and artist narratives on how finding comfort in creative works led to their transcendence.

  • Finalist for the 2017 Meyer Family Award for Contemporary Art

    I'm a very pleased to have been selected as one of seven finalists for this award. While I was not in the top three (each of whom received a cash prize and solo exhibition opportunity), placing as a finalist offers me the privilege of association with the Main Line Arts Center which, in turn, opens up a host of opportunities for exhibiting artwork in the greater-Philadelphia area.

  • Upcoming Juried and Group Exhibitions (updated 18 March 2017)

    9 May – 24 June 2017. Glimmer of Hope will be in the 2017 Annual Contemporary Art Survey exhibition, The Lincoln Center, Ft. Collins, CO. Juror – Zoe Larkins.

    23 April – 19 June 2017. Rising Seas (Climate Change II), Wildfires (Climate Change III), and Deluge / Flash Flood (Climate Change V) will be in the National Weather Center Biennale Earth Day exhibition, Fred Jones, Jr., Museum of Art, Norman, OK. Juror - Joe Goode.

    13 March - 7 April 2017. Loneliness (Teen Counseling) will be in the 32nd Positive/Negative exhibit, Slocumb Gallery, Johnson City, TN. Juror – Dr. Anja Foerschner.

    10 March – 14 May 2017. The Liberties I (Defend the Sacred) will be in the Freedom of Expression exhibition, Cape Cod Museum of Art, Dennis, MA, . Jurors - Jared Bowen, Paul Ha, and Edith A. Tonelli, Ph, D.

  • Upcoming Solo Exhibitions (updated 15 December 2016)

    7 January - 4 February 2017, "Our State of the Union I", BlackRock Center for the Arts, Germantown, MD.

    17 January - 10 February 2017, "Our State of the Union II", Slocumb Gallery, Johnson City, TN.

    4 August - 15 September 2017, "Social Narratives", Foundry Art Centre, St. Charles, MO.

  • Washington Post Review of Art of Politics exhibition

    Washington Post Review


    By Mark Jenkins September 24

    The pictures in “The Art of Politics,” Michael Fischerkeller’s Art League show, have some of the characteristics of political cartoons. Each one is a symbolic vignette on a single theme, such as campaign finance and global warming. But the local artist, who has a doctorate in political science, works with acrylic spray paint and rarely portrays political notables. Although President Obama and Vladimir Putin are here, the central figures are women in colorful gowns, arrayed in classical poses against black backdrops.

    The word “art” in the show’s title, it turns out, is something of a joke. The women who appear in these paintings are lifted from earlier ones by the likes of John Everett Millais and Edward Burne-Jones, aesthetically backward-looking Victorian Britons. The collaged pictures juxtapose these retro images with pop-art appropriation, graffiti-style technique and immediate concerns such as the Syrian civil war. Borrowing archetypal women from earlier eras may be an art-history joke, but Fischerkeller’s concerns are entirely up-to-date.

    Michael Fischerkeller: The Art of Politics On view through Oct. 2 at the Art League Gallery, Torpedo Factory, 105 N. Union St., Alexandria. 703-683-1780. theartleague.org.

  • Best in Show Award!

    "Willful Blindness (White Privilege)" was awarded Best in Show at the Freedom Imagined: Freedom Lived exhibition at Lindenwood J. Scheidegger Center for the Arts, St. Charles, MO.

  • Best in Show, Solo Exhibit Award!

    "Portrait of Ignorance (Campaign Finance Reform)" was awarded Best in Show at the Impact exhibition at Foundry Art Centre. The award affords me the privilege of a solo exhibition at the Centre in the Summer of 2017!

  • A Soulful Encounter ...

  • Artwork featured in BROAD Magazine - Class and Power Issue, #82.


  • "Appropriation for the Art of Politics", InterArtive | Contemporary Art and Thought, Special Issue: "Original vs. Copy", #75

  • Distinguished Artist, ArtAscent | Art & Literature Journal, June 2015.

  • Bourgeon - Due Process

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